Emmy-Nominated Shows You Can Watch Over The Weekend

If you have a minute, let me explain, in absurdly specific detail, why American Gods was my favorite show of the past few months. The show had everything. A cast of mischievous deities who interfere with human affairs, including a goddess who swallows people up through her vagina (yes). A zombie who decides the afterlife isn't for her, and returns to win back her husband's heart. An absolutely original spin on the American dream.
Unfortunately, the Emmys don't agree with me. American Gods was snubbed. If anything, that just goes to say how overpopulated our TV landscape is with shows of astounding quality.
Even if my beloved American Gods was left nomination-less, there are lots of other fantastic shows out there. Ones that'll convince you you're going to wake up in a dystopia (American Gods) and others that'll have you combing Reddit for clues (Westworld).
Here are the most manageable binge-watches of Emmy-nominated shows and TV movies, in order of time commitment. You can swing these in a weekend.
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