John Legend Isn't Just A Feminist Because Of Baby Luna

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John Legend isn't just dreamy when it comes to his sweet tunes and even sweeter Instagram moments with Chrissy Teigen. He also happens to be a pretty good spokesperson for feminist men. At a media event for Axe products, of all places, he reiterated why he supports women's fight for equality — and, by the way, it isn't just because of Teigen and baby Luna.
"I’m always suspicious of people who become feminists only when they have a daughter," Legend said at the event, reports Racked. "I don’t like that you have to have a gay son to be for gay marriage. I feel like you should have enough empathy for other people that you don’t need someone to be in your family to think they’re valuable. I thought of myself as a feminist before I had a daughter and before I was married. Having a daughter might reinforce that, but it shouldn’t be the only reason I care about women’s rights."
Legend added that he think it's important for all people to speak out against sexual assault and look into why some men feel the need to dominant women. He also spoke about the current political climate, including the events in Charlottesville, as being a "backlash" to all the progress the world has made in becoming more inclusive.
While Legend uttered this awesome quote as part of Axe's efforts to become a kinder, gentler (as in, less sleazy) brand, he didn't just come to this conclusion for a paycheck. The singer and actor did in fact declare his feminism before becoming Luna's dad. Back in 2013, he spoke about it to reporters before the Sound of Change Live concert in London.
"All men should be feminists," he said at the time. "If men care about women's rights the world will be a better place."
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