This Is How YouTube's Biggest Beauty Stars Deal With Breakouts

Courtesy of Nyx Cosmetics.
Pimples are like annoying family members: They show up at the most inopportune times, can be stressful as fuck, and almost everybody has had to deal with one. But when it comes to treating and concealing acne, there is no one with more solutions than a beauty vlogger (sorry, mom). After all, who better to turn to for answers than the people whose careers rely on looking good for the camera?
That's what we thought. So we sat down with some of YouTube's biggest stars at this year's Nyx FACE Awards — the only place that brings influencers together more than a makeup sale at Sephora — to find out exactly how they deal with breakouts. Ahead, the tried-and-true makeup and skin care tips that actually work... Sepia filter be damned.

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