What We Know So Far About The Night Cora Blacked Out On The Sinner

Photo: Peter Kramer/USA Network.
If there is any TV show contributing to the nation’s insomnia right now, it’s The Sinner. The USA limited series keeps falling deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole that is Cora Tannetti (Jessica Biel), and the murder investigation surrounding her. Not only is the mystery of why Cora brutally killed stranger Frankie Belmont (Eric Todd) truly baffling, it’s also excessively creepy, since it’s filled with chilling masks and flashes of psychosexual horror.
After weeks of not knowing what’s real, what’s imagined, and whether Cora even knows the difference, "Part IV" finally starts to give viewers answers about the night that began this entire ordeal: July 3rd, 2012. The episode follows Cora as she tries to retrieve her memories of July 4th weekend and figure out why she resurfaced at a Poughkeepsie detox center two entire months later. Disturbingly, the time between both events is completely blank.
Of course, the eventual deep dive into Cora’s frightening memories is both confusing and filled with major clues about the life-changing night in question. Here, find out what happened between Cora, her supposed ex-boyfriend and implied tormenter J.D. (Jacob Pitts), and the mystery blonde filling Cora’s memories, Maddie (Danielle Burgess). Maybe then you'll finally be able to get some sleep.
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