Do NOT Fall For This Amazon Prime Scam

Photo: Courtesy of Amazon.
Watch out for a new phishing scam that's targeting Amazon Prime members through email. Good Housekeeping reports that there's an email going around thanking users for their recent purchase on Amazon Prime Day, which was on July 11. It asks them to write a review in order to receive a $50 voucher.
Kim Komando, a consumer technology expert, received the email and said that the link takes you to a fake Amazon site that asks for log-in information. Obviously, you should not click on the link — Komando said it could lead to a malware infection on your computer or ransomware that could encrypt sensitive files.
Per Komando, the email looks like this:
Amazon's guide on how to identify phishing scams from the company says they usually contain: an order confirmation, or attachment to one, for something you didn't purchase; requests for your username and/or password, or other personal information; requests to update payment information; links to websites that resemble; prompts to install new software; typos or other errors; and/or email addresses that aren't from ""
If you got one of these emails, Good Housekeeping recommends checking your information on the Amazon Payment website, and contacting the company at Then, delete the email right away.

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