Hannah Montana Wasn't Supposed To End The Way It Did

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Disney Channel's Hannah Montana ended with its titular character (actually, it was Hannah's real-life alter ego) and her best friend hugging it out in a dorm. It was a touching moment that most fans will remember vividly through tear-streaked nostalgia, but according to Teen Vogue, the show's last words were actually ad-libbed. Emily Osment, who played Lilly Truscott dropped the news on Twitter.
In the very last moments of Hannah Montana's final episode, Miley Stewart says, "I love you so much," and Truscott responds with, "I know." A fan posted a video of the closing scene to Twitter and Osment used it as a way to clear the air once and for all. The writers had intended for Stewart's sentiment to be the very last words uttered on the show, but Osment tossed in one final line so that she could have the honor of being the one to close out the series.
"I ad libbed that so I could have the last line of the whole series," Osment wrote in response, adding a knowing emoji.
While it's not a major change — and it wasn't a big deal to the series' production team, since it didn't get cut — knowing that Stewart's line was supposed to be the last thing fans got does change the dynamic slightly. Cyrus' character got top billing, but giving her best friend the show's final line proved that Hannah Montana was about more than just its main character. The show was about friendship, too, and Osment's glib admission underscores that 100%.
Of course, with so many Disney classics getting the reboot treatment, Osment and Co. have been fielding questions about that, too. For the record, Cyrus has considered it (and wasn't exactly enthused) and Osment has been spending plenty of time with her ex-coworkers. Nobody knows if or when Hannah Montana will get the Raven's Home treatment, but fans won't ever stop hoping for another chance to see Miley and Lilly together again.
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