Select Starbucks Locations In This State Now Serve Earl Grey Mocha Malts

Photo: Robert Alexander/Getty Images.
Select Starbucks locations in the Orange County-area of California are offering two new treats that seems tailored to Southern California's sunny weather. According to the blog Starbucks Melody, certain stores in that neck of the woods are now offering Earl Grey Mocha Malts and Dirty Chai Cold Brew Malts.
Starbucks Melody reports that these two new floats are a continuation of the Affagato menu that started being test at 100 locations in and around Orange County back in February. In case you forgot — though you probably didn't because many of us have been holding a grudge about not getting to try the treat since this news broke — an Affagato is a traditional Italian dessert made with a scoop of ice cream and a shot of espresso. Starbucks has been testing different versions of the dessert in the Orange County area for several months, and the newest versions are, you guessed it, the Earl Grey Mocha Malt and Dirty Chai Cold Brew Malt.
According to Starbucks Melody, the Earl Grey Mocha Malt was first created by a barista at the Southpark Starbucks in Fountain Valley. It starts with a drizzle of mocha sauce on the inside of a cup, and then two scoops of ice cream are added in. Poured over top is an Earl Grey concentrate, which is made fresh daily with Teavana tea bags. Starbucks Melody wrote, "You get a nice light black tea and vanilla flavor with a hint of mocha. Vanilla and black tea pair beautifully together. The mocha is not overpowering to the drink because it’s only a little bit of mocha on the sides of the cup, not blended with the beverage."
Though we aren't positive, we imagine that the Dirty Chai Cold Brew Malt is like the Reserve Bar's new Nitro Dirty Chai, which was released in July, except that it too is blended like a malted vanilla shake.
These two drinks launched in select stores about a month ago, and Starbuck Melody warns that though, no exact end date is confirmed, they probably won't be around much longer since fall menu items will probably replace them. Although, a blended pumpkin spice malt situation could really hit the spot before the weather cools down.

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