McDonald's New Pie Is Perfect For Chocolate Lovers

With the exception of fries and a Big Mac, the most craveable item from Ronald McDonald's house is none other than the classic apple pie. However, for those of us whose idea of dessert begins and ends with chocolate, McDonald's has a new sweet treat to rival the iconic pastry: Introducing McDonald's molten chocolate pie, the fast food item making chocolate lovers' dreams come true.
One of my all-time favorite desserts are lava cakes, a.k.a. chocolate cakes with gooey hot fudge hiding in the center, and that's basically what this is — just with a pie crust instead. Think of it as the apple pie's younger, cooler cousin — one that will be worthy of the inevitable chocolate stains you'll find on your shirt the next day.

‘색’ 다른 파이가 온다네 :D 기대해도 좋아!

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Let's all clap for chocolate-y goodness.
If you're thinking that McDonald's just saved dessert, you should probably know that there's one, erm, small catch: according to Cosmopolitan, the pie is only available in South Korea. (Sorry, western hemisphere dwellers. I'm crying right alongside you.)
Fortunately, the fast food chain isn't the only place where you can score a molten dessert outside of a fancy bistro. If you're craving that mysterious chocolate sauce that somehow stays put inside of a cake – but don't want to figure out how it actually gets in there by baking it from scratch — I highly recommend the molten lava cakes found in Trader Joe's frozen food section. Simply pop the cake in the microwave, and you're good to trip to Seoul needed.
Of course, zero judgements if you do want to head to a different continent to try this pie. The Instagrammable treat is already making my mouth water from 6,000 miles away.
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