The Bakery Behind Tina Fey's Sheet Cake Movement Get Their Moment Of Fame

Photo: Will Heath/NBC/Getty Images.
After more than 80 years of business, Le Delice Pastry Shop in Manhattan is getting a little shine.
On Thursday evening, Saturday Night Live veteran Tina Fey saddled up for an appearance on Weekend Update: Summer Edition. In the segment, Fey lamented on the violence that plagued Charlottesville, VA last weekend while shoveling forkfuls of an American flag-adorned cake into her mouth.
Eduardo Castillo, the baker who made the delicious-looking three-layer vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream had no idea that his work would be broadcast into millions of homes.
“We didn’t know,” explained in an interview with People. “Someone just came in to place an order and we tried to help them, but we didn’t know who it was or who’s going to be there.”
Audiences around the country (and throughout the Twitterverse) had much to say about Fey’s “Sheet Cake Movement," which was also seen as a response to the Donald Trump’s now infamous response to last week’s violence.
“I would urge people this Saturday, instead of participating in screaming matches and potential violence, find a local business you support, maybe a Jewish-run bakery or an African-American bakery,” said Fey during the skit, while chowing down on the Le Delice creation. “Order a cake with an American flag on it and just eat it.”
While a number of folks understandably debated the political content of the joke, we can't get over the fact that this isn't technically a sheet cake. Was there a reason Fey didn't opt for a more specific "Layer Cake Movement?" I digress.
While the reviews for Fey’s sketch were mixed, according to Castillo, the Kips Bay neighborhood bakery’s now famous cake was a hit with the show. “I think someone called us this morning saying that the cake was amazing,” he said to People. Considering the cake was pretty much destroyed on air, surely that review came compliments of Fey?

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