Here's What Bachelor In Paradise Contestants Do All Day

Photo: Rick Rowell/ABC/Getty Images.
Based on its advertising, Bachelor In Paradise is a topsy-turvy ride full of sex, screaming, and the occasional stray crab. Friendships are torn apart! Babies are made! There's an infinite amount of questionable-looking pizza! That's what we see on television, at least.
The reality is far less interesting, as always. Reality TV, much like regular TV, is a painstaking process of waiting, waiting, and more waiting. Don't get us wrong — the drama unfurls. It just doesn't unfurl with any urgency.
So then, what happens in the meantime? What's the daily routine of a cast member on Bachelor In Paradise? To find out, Refinery29 spoke to Jennifer Saviano, who appeared on season 3 of the show. These days, Saviano is the proud owner of a millennial lifestyle blog and a well-curated Instagram. Saviano was the last person to date Nick Viall before he ventured into the world of The Bachelor. On the show, she was quiet, unassuming, and rarely involved in drama. (BIP has a way of smearing your reputation. Saviano escaped unscathed.) She quickly took up with Viall, and the two rode out the remaining days in Paradise without event — until, of course, the day he rejected her on the beach. He told her he wasn't ready — he'd already been announced as the next Bachelor, so it sounded like he was saying, "Sorry, I'm about to meet 25 other women."
We asked Saviano about her time in Paradise — specifically, what she did all day. Read on if you, like us, were curious how contestants waste their time on the beach. Warning: This will make you want to go to the beach.

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