Elle Fanning Looks Like She Smells Like Teen Spirit In Her Upcoming Movie

Photo: Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images/Just One Eye
Elle Fanning, is that you? The Neon Demon actress looks like she's channeling the grunge goddesses of the '90s on the set of her latest film.
On Wednesday, Fanning shared a photo from rehearsals for Teen Spirit, an upcoming movie from Handmaid's Tale actor Max Minghella. In the new photo, she's rocking out (or, at least, singing).
Fanning's role will put her in the shoes of Violet, mentor to an aspiring singer who leaves a bad family life behind in order to pursue a career in the pop world. However, Fanning isn't dressed in a Taylor Swift-esque mini-dress or one of Lady Gaga's quirkier ensembles. Instead, she's wearing a white tee shirt, loose grey sweats, and blonde hair that looks like it belongs on Courtney Love.
"the pop sensation has begun #teenspirit rehearsal," wrote Fanning on Instagram.

the pop sensation has begun #teenspirit rehearsal ?

A post shared by Elle Fanning (@ellefanning) on

It's unclear if Fanning is in costume, or if she just wanted to wear something comfy. However, given that she's seemingly performing on a stage with effects in the background, it might be safe to speculate that it's the former. (Though being able to wear sweatpants to work is definitely a perk of any job.)
If this attire is a costume, it tells us a little bit about what to expect from Violet. Perhaps she's not a pop star, but a total rocker chick that the soon-to-be pop sensation is inspired by. (If Fanning needs a little pep talk on how to play a rockstar, she can look no further than her sister, Dakota, who played icon Cherie Currie in the 2010 film The Runaways.)
While we don't know too much about the new movie, it is brought to us by a producer of La La Land. So whatever Fanning is singing in her new Instagram photo, be it a grunge rock tune or a pop track, good luck getting it out of your head.

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