Apple Pie Oreos Are Here

County fairs from coast to coast may be experimenting with deep-fried delicacies, but thanks to Oreos' latest flavor, you can get a classic carnival offering without having to brave hastily assembled rides and larger-than-life turkey legs.
According to the candy junkies at Instagram account @CandyHunting, Apple Pie Oreos have already hit Target's virtual shelves, making the summer sizzle that much more bearable.
The limited-edition offering swaps out the trademark black and white of a traditional Oreo for a graham cracker flavored (and colored) cookie and whipped apple pie-flavored cream filling. It's the same cookie sandwich that fans know and love, only it's gone through one of Oreo's famous seasonal transformations. According to @CandyHunting, Target's website already lists the item for $2.99, but it's not technically in stock yet. However, the treat's mere existence on the site puts it a step above some other limited-edition Oreos, which never appeared at all.
Apple pie-hungry snackers might not be able to order the cookies just yet, but they will be soon. Plus, the site allows shoppers to check their local Target locations for the items, so as soon as the cookies go live, it may be possible to track them down IRL and pick up a package (or three) during any upcoming Target runs.
Nabisco announced Apple Pie Oreos way back in November 2016, but junk food die-hards have had to wait until now to actually see them in the wild. The official release date was supposed to be Labor Day 2017, so these cookies seem to be arriving right on time. The apple pie offering comes hot on the heels of other summer releases, which included Mississippi mud pie and the Walmart-exclusive jelly donut.
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