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There Is Yet Another New Oreo Rumor & We Seriously Want To Believe This One

This story was originally published on February 23, 2017.
Lucky for Oreo lovers — isn't that everyone? — news about potential new flavors seems to be surfacing in a continuous loop. Just a few days ago, we caught wind of a rumor that this Memorial Day, we could see boxes of Firework Oreos hitting our grocery store shelves. This explosive new flavor is believed to have small popping candy bits mixed into the Oreo's creamy center. Clearly the cookie company likes to dabble in dessert mashups, which is why we aren't totally surprised by the most recent reportedly limited edition flavor.
Yesterday, CandyHunting posted an image to Instagram that featured a package of never-before-seen Oreos. In the caption of the post, the user wrote, "You heard it here first! New Mississippi Mud Pie Oreos will be out this summer!"

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Based on the image, it looks like we can expect a chocolate and whipped cream filling in the center of these cookies, if they become a reality. Commenters seem to be a bit skeptical of the flavor, perhaps because Mississippi mud pie is such a beloved dessert, which means high expectations. As many of them pointed out, Oreo already has a cookie with white cream and one with chocolate cream and simply putting both in one cookie doesn't make it Mississippi mud pie-flavored.
We understand where they're coming from with the apprehension, but at the same time, we're fairly certain the chocolate and "whipped cream" filling combo isn't going to be bad. And, you better believe we're going to try the new flavor out the minute we see it at the supermarket. Just add Mississippi mud pie to the growing list of rumored new Oreo flavors we're hoping become a reality. We reached out to Oreo for comment and will update this post as soon as we hear back.

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