Oreo Is Releasing A New Limited Edition Flavor In Honor Of National Doughnut Day

Every year, we set aside the first Friday of June to honor the queen of all desserts, the doughnut. Just like in previous years, tomorrow many of us will be celebrating with freebies from doughnut chains like Krispy Kreme and Dunkin' Donuts, but this year also brings a totally new and rather unexpected way to observe the holiday. Oreo is introducing a limited edition Jelly Donut flavored cookie and it will be on sale starting this weekend.
The doughnut-inspired treat, which will be exclusively available at Walmart, features Golden Oreo cookies. Sandwiched between them is a custard filling with a raspberry jelly center, so it tastes just like the real thing. With a couple packages of these special Oreos, anyone can pay homage to the doughnut from the comfort of their couches all weekend long.
This isn't the first time Oreo has launched an exclusive flavor in partnership with Walmart. Last year, the two companies allowed customers to decide what Oreo flavor would be permanently available at Walmart stores across the country. In the end, the Cookies and Creme Oreo was named the winner, but Jelly Donut, which was a never-before-tasted flavor, was a tough contender. According to a Walmart rep, all the buzz around the idea of a Jelly Donut-flavored Oreo drove the retail chain's desire to turn it into reality this year. And what better time to officially release it than National Doughnut Day?
Jelly Donut Oreos will begin showing up on store shelves this weekend, and each box will be available for $2.98. We never thought we would hear ourselves suggesting that the best way to pay our respects to all that doughnuts have done for us is by eating a package of cookies, but thanks to Oreo, here we are.

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