Australian Politician Claims Being Gay Is Just Like Being "Cycling Mates"

Ahead of next month's voluntary postal vote regarding same-sex marriage laws in Australia, an MP who opposes gay marriage has drawn criticism for comparing these marriages to..."being cycling mates."
Kevin Andrews, the Liberal MP for Menzies, made the controversial comments on Sky News. Because he happens to be a big fan of bicycling, Andrews chose to compare same-sex marriages to the relationships he has with his cycling buddies.
"Yes, there are all kinds of affectionate relationships...I have an affectionate relationship with my cycling mates. We go cycling on the weekends, but that's not marriage. Why doesn't the law have a place in those sort of relationships?" Andrews said. "It doesn't because the law has a place traditionally, historically, across cultures and civilizations because it is there about the protection of the vulnerable and it shouldn't go beyond that."
Yeah, we're face-palming right now, too.
Although Andrews claimed he wasn't comparing his cycling relationships to sexual, romantic same-sex relationships and marriages, his continued commentary indicated otherwise.
"I have commitments to friends, and affectionate relationships with friends as well," the PM stated. When Sky News reporter Samantha Maiden pointed out that Australian politician Tim Wilson's romantic partner is far more than his "friend," Andrews still refused to acknowledge there's a difference between loving our friends and loving our romantic partners.
"I hope he is his friend, as well as his partner, if you understand what I'm saying," Andrews stated.
Andrews is being taken to task on social media for his statements.

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