If There Aren't Literal Bees In American Horror Story: Cult I'm Going To Scream

We're still weeks away from the premiere of season 7 of American Horror Story, and the new promo posters for Cult continue to push one thing on its already-terrified audience: a whole lot of bees. And damn it, we better receive them.
The latest poster features a woman whose face is seemingly covered in some sort of hive-like material. Naturally, a few busy bees are shown hanging out on her face, because it wouldn't be an American Horror Story: Cult promo without the insect.
"Wrap yourself in us. #AHSCult," the cryptic tweet reads.
American Horror Story has a reputation for crafting exciting (and often utterly disturbing) imagery to promote its upcoming seasons, but never do we see stills from the actual show. That keeps every new iteration of AHS cloaked in mystery — fans only see an echo of the theme in the promotional material, rather than, say, a clip from an upcoming series. (For Roanoke, which didn't reveal its theme or subtitle until the night of the premiere, the promotions team actually crafted fake promos — ones that didn't have anything to do with the new season at all.)
That leaves me wondering if we'll actually see any bees in the upcoming season. Or if, instead, the show is using the term "hive mind" in the literal sense. Ryan Murphy even shared a photo of a person wrapped in a sweater of bees (yikes) in order to give fans a hint at the title of season 7, which would ultimately be revealed to be Cult.

AHS last clue before this week's TITLE reveal. Ideas?

A post shared by Ryan Murphy (@mrrpmurphy) on

So, what is the truth? We'll have to wait until September 5 to find out. But if the show keeps trolling us with bees, I better see a hoard of them in the premiere episode.

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