These Tattoo Designs Pop Out Like A Gumball Machine — & It's Freaking Us Out

Photo: Getty Images.
Nothing enticed me to go to the supermarket with my grandparents more than the kid-friendly vending machines. I remember dropping quarter after quarter into machines that popped out bubblegum, toys, or candy with one spin of a fake metal handle. And while this form of entertainment isn't quite as popular as it used to be, there's one tattoo parlor bringing back the trend with a major twist.
Elm Street Tattoo in Dallas, Texas is gaining some buzz over one of its novelty tattoo ideas. Instead of taking weeks to mull over a design, patrons can come in and get one straight from the lobby vending machine. All you have to do is pay $100 for the client to spin the handle, and then out will come a plastic container holding your mystery tattoo. There's no planning or expectations involved. What you get is what you get.
Of course, if you don't like the surprise design that comes out, you have the option to pay another $20 to try again. But if you're willing to shell out that much for the Russian roulette of tattoos, you might as well just pick a design you really love. Considering the parlor will not issue any refunds over your mystery prize, you better be pretty confident in your spontaneity.
Luckily, the artists at Elm Street are dope at what they do, so these aren't purposefully bad tattoos. In fact, each one is of the classic American style showcasing images of snakes, devil heads, and more. According to the Dallas Observer, this "Get What You Get" offering was originally implemented as a sort of beta service, but with all the hype, it's not unlikely it'll be there forever.
Unsurprisingly, the publication also reports no one has tried the gambling service yet. If anyone does, please let us know — because you deserve a medal for your bravery.
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