Are There Spoilers Hidden In Sly Stallone’s This Is Us Instagrams?

Photo: Ron Batzdorff/NBC.
The oldest son on This Is Us, Kevin Pearson (Justin Hartley) is finally realizing his dream of becoming the Serious Thespian he's always wanted to be. In season 2 of the runaway show This Is Us, he'll be acting in a new period war film with Rambo himself, Sylvester Stallone. Stallone plays an older, experienced actor (yes, it is very meta) who is something of a "father figure" to Kevin. Given that Kevin has had some trouble adjusting to life outside of The Manny, he could certainly use all the help he can get.
Stallone's been teasing us with Instagram posts from the set of the show, and his photos are telling us a lot. First off, he poses with Justin Hartley, and from the looks of the star on his collar, Stallone will be playing a brigadier general. We can't make out Kevin's rank, but the dark green color of their uniforms suggest that they may be Marines.

On the THIS IS US set with Justin Hartley , this is a fantastic show and he is great to work with!#thisisus @justinhartley

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There's also a photo and video of the Rocky Balboa star with Chrissy Metz. This is probably the biggest potential spoiler so far: Kate Pearson might be back at work for Kevin as his personal assistant. Why else would she be on the set of his new movie? The extremely organized Kate could definitely help Kevin work through his new role since he's decidedly a little more impulsive. As much as we love Kevin, he was kind of a wreck in New York City when he was working on the play, and Kate's calming demeanor balances out his neuroses.

Getting punched out by the amazing@chrissymetz On the set of THIS IS US #thisisus

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Show creator Dan Fogelman had some lovely things to say about working with Stallone on the set of This Is Us. He tells TV Guide, "[Stallone's character] learned about what happened to Kevin in his life with his own father, and [Sly] is talking about his life, experience and loss and aging and the business. It helps in a few ways. And it sends us down a few rabbit holes too." This Is Us has plenty of rabbit holes, but at least we know some ways that the rabbit hole ends.
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