One Day Your Tears Will Fuel These Batteries

Photographed by Alexandra Gavillet.
Scientists at Fudan University in China have developed new batteries that aim to be replacements for batteries used to power wearables and medical devices. As The Verge reports, these batteries are powered by "saltwater and IV rehydration solutions."
News of these batteries were published in the Chem journal, where it was explained that these batteries were developed as a safer option for devices that need to be powered inside the body. Not only does this help to make the batteries more economical, but also more safer in the event that liquids from them might leak.
These new batteries will come in two forms: one resembling a strip of tape, where two flattened electrodes are sandwiched with the electrolyte in between; the second is comprised of two tiny threads made out of carbon nanotubes. These different designs can help give more flexibility to the batteries, depending on what the user's needs are. And though the batteries come in various forms now, it's exciting that they could lead to other eco- and body-safe sources — like tears, blood, or sweat — could soon be the power sources that we turn to.
This innovation is important because it will not only impact how we interact with tech, but how we can create new rules within the field on what is possible.
As our society continues to advance, inventions that continue to push the boundaries of our expectations of tech and the world continue to emerge. Some of the things that we rely on for everyday tasks were once just imagination or the things of science fiction. These innovations are necessary, especially as we continue to create new rules within technology and what is possible.
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