Bronn's Postman Is Mad At Him For Hurting Drogon

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Game of Thrones is like the wild west, but with dragons. And in this case, the head scoundrel in town is Bronn, who shot down one of Daenerys' dragons, Drogon, in the final scene of last Sunday's episode, "Spoils of War." If you're like me, then you're still upset at the idea that Drogon could be leaving beacuse he is cute and fiery and still just a kid dragon! And if you're the man who plays Ser Bronn of GoT then you are kinda upset by the whole dragon slaying scene, too.
Per Mashable, in an interview with HBO's Making Game of Thrones, Jerome Flynn, who plays current wingman to Jaime Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau), vented that although the sequence turned out to be badass (a record-breaking number of explosives used), he is finds himself to be very unpopular with the GoT viewers in his life, like his postman.
"I was surprised when I was watching it," he said in the interview. "I spent weeks on that sequence, but I was on the edge of my seat, the adrenaline was running — they really nailed it. Although since the day the battle aired, I’ve been a little unpopular, I have to say. My postman won’t speak to me because I shot the dragon."
The poor dragon! "The armorers on this show are just geniuses, and they try to make everything as authentic as possible," he said, adding that he really shot the piece of equipment during filming. "It’s probably the coolest weapon I’m going to get to play with."
While it is a "cool weapon," I think I'm on the postman's side for this one.
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