Granola Bites Are Here For When We're Too Busy For Breakfast

Illustrated by Louisa Cannell.
What's on my desk this week? A colorful bag of crunchy granola bites from Nourish Snacks. Although we've seen our fair share of granola mix, granola bars, and even granola clusters — bites were, surprisingly, a refreshing new take on the sweet breakfast classic. Yes, in theory it may be argued that the bite is structurally similar to the cluster. But we're here to attest that in Nourish's case, bites are so much more.
First, let's start with the flashy packaging: a modern geometrical design in buzzy aqua blues with pops of pastel yellows distinguishes the resealable snack bag. And although we couldn't see through to the actual product held within, a snapshot of a single, round granola bite peppers the package's corner. We chose to tear into the crunchy Coconut Vanilla variety first (the bites also come in the chewy flavor options of Chocolate Peanut Butter, Chocolate Banana, Blueberry Apple, and Double Chocolate). The bite itself was true to size and shape, just as pictured on the bag's exterior. Unlike the crumbly and uneven clusters we'd munched in the past, Nourish's granola bite was compact and structurally sound. It felt like a little ball of light granola bliss in the palms of our hands — easy to handle for a fast and crumb-free breakfast on the fly. The taste and texture? Perfectly crunchy-crisp with a touch of sweet coconut and a hint of nuttiness. The chewy varieties did not disappoint either; they are similarly structured, but with a bonus added softness in each bite.
You can pick up your very own stylish 4 oz. pouch online for $3.99-$4.49 a pop — and for a more purse-friendly option, Nourish also offers 1 oz. single-serve packs for $1.49.
*Hot Tip: Mix the crunchy bites with your favorite chewy bites for a snack bag of textural harmony (we're digging a chocolate banana-coconut combo).
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