Is The "Revenge Beard" You Saw On The Bachelorette Real?

Since last night's Bachelorette finale, everyone's been focusing on Rachel's decision to give her final rose to Bryan. But the real star of the episode was Bachelorette second-runner-up Eric's beard, Yahoo Beauty reports. Not only did Chris Harrison call the new look "sharp," but Rachel herself said Eric looked "phenomenal."
Now, people are joking that this wasn't your ordinary beard; it was a "revenge beard."
This term is likely inspired by the phrase "revenge body," Khloé Kardashian's (highly problematic) way of describing a look someone achieves to show an ex what they're missing out on.
The idea that Eric grew out his beard to impress Rachel probably doesn't hold much weight, of course. He seems to have moved on from the show, and there are plenty of reasons why someone might switch up their look that have nothing to do with an ex (or anyone else, for that matter).
But whatever his motives, people have been commenting that he looks like a whole new person. And they're definitely into it.
It looks like Eric's beard is real and here to stay. He's posted multiple Instagram photos of himself with it over the past few days. In one, he reflects on his time on The Bachelorette, writing, "When I say 'It's Miracle Season'... I mean it because my miracle came true!! The process was crazy and from March 13th up until today... all I can say is 'wow'! I'm so filled with joy and love but most importantly I've experienced growth!"
Eric recently told The Baltimore Sun that "a lot of things are up" in his life. "I came in a boy and left a man," he said.
We don't think he was talking about his new facial hair, but the new look definitely reflects that transformation.

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