Who Rachel Lindsay Should Pick Tonight, Based On Astrology

Locked away in the Bachelor mansion, Rachel Lindsay doesn’t have luxury of discussing the merits of Eric Bigger, Bryan Abasolo, and Peter Kraus with her friends over mimosas at brunch. In times of such isolation, Rachel should turn to the precise science of astrology as an emotional compass.
When it comes to determining whether two people are astrologically destined to be together, sun sign compatibility isn't actually as accurate as you might think. It's far better to look at two individuals' Venus, or love, signs. The Venus sign determines how a person gives and receives love, and what they're looking for in a relationship.
With both her sun and Venus in Taurus, Rachel Lindsay is as just about as steady as they come. As is typical for individuals born with a Venus in Taurus, Rachel is extremely sensual, and bonds with partners through touch. She’s more practical than she is romantic, and goes about pursuing relationships with an end goal of commitment.
Given Rachel's Taurus ways, which suitor is her starry destiny? We'll investigate.
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