You Can Take The Most Breathtaking Train Ride For Less Than $100

Photo: Courtesy of Amtrak.
There’s something magical about a train ride. You don’t have the stresses of driving a car, nor do you have to worry about some of the peskier aspects of flying, like passive aggressively fighting for the armrest. Combine all of that comfort with some stunning views, and you’ve got an upgraded version of a road trip. Plus, you can pretend like you’re riding the Hogwarts Express, though you might want to leave your owl at home.
That’s why we’re already packing our bags to hop on Amtrak’s Coast Starlight train. Not only does the train travel along the west coast from Seattle to Los Angeles, but it also features an observatory car to soak up all of the gorgeous views. Here’s the kicker: Tickets are cheap, like really cheap. They start at just $97.
To get from Seattle to Los Angeles, the Coast Starlight travels through Washington, Oregon, and California. It passes by natural wonders like the Cascade Range and Mount Shasta in between major cities like Portland, OR and Sacramento, CA. Basically, you get the best of both worlds: beautiful vistas to Instagram and new cities to explore.

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In total, the trip takes 35 hours to complete. The Coast Starlight trains do have sleeper cars, fully equipped with private rooms and beds. If you shell out $325, you can get a “Superliner Roomette” with one or two beds. Those little rooms also have their own, personal windows, so you never have to miss a moment of sightseeing. There’s also a business package you can purchase, which includes wine and cheese. Because honestly, you don’t need much more in life than a glass of rosé, a slice of gouda, and some beautiful views.
Instead of taking a road trip to celebrate the end of summer, grab your traveling buddy and let the Coast Starlight take you everywhere your heart desires. Happy adventuring!

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