Why All Westworld Fans Will Love This Movie

Westworld satisfied every possible urge in a sci-fi lover’s system — save, perhaps, alien invasions. The show was set in a choose-your-own-adventure Western theme park, where visitors paid tens of thousands to don 19th century costumes and socialize among saloon owners and cowboys. Then, we found out the theme park's characters were actually all sentient androids, forced to live and die according to the whims of the visitors.
So, did it have a technologically advanced, futuristic setting with enviably sleek white furniture? Check. Did it challenge our conception of humanity? Check. Did it use its sci-fi premise to force us to confront our immorality and hedonistic tendencies? Double check.
It's easy to think that Westworld's unique premise renders it the only installment in the sci-fi-meets-western genre. But with the release of The Dark Tower, the genre just got a bit more crowded.
Here’s why all fans of Westworld will want to head to the theater come August 4, when the much-anticipated first installment of Stephen King’s Dark Tower novels comes to the big screen.
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