Ladurée Made Its Macarons Even Sweeter By Putting Ice Cream In The Middle

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What could make a French macaron more magical? Why, placing a scoop of ice cream between two of them, of course.
Ladurée, a French luxury bakery that has made its way stateside, just announced a macaron ice cream sandwich that should have your mouth watering — and your feet running in the direction of the nearest shop.
Macarons are certainly the prettiest cookie on the block, and the fact that they're more than a little tricky to make means these are treats best scooped up at a place that knows how to bake them just so. Ladurée certainly does, and is famous for creating famous flavors like caramel fleur de sel, pistachio, and the "Marie Antoinette," which blends the taste of Chinese black tea with rose petals, citrus fruits and honey. Now, the bakery is taking things one step further: In honor of National Ice Cream Sandwich Day, fans of the shop's cookies can order the Macaron Glacé.
The news came from the shop's Instagram account:
"Presenting our new Macaron Glacé - the ultimate ice cream sandwich! #nationalicecreamsandwichday#ladureeicecream #celebratewithladuree"
It's worth noting that the macarons used in the ice cream sandwich appear a bit bigger than the typical macarons sold in the shops, meaning that these are likely special flavors used for Ladurée's latest creation. (Take my money now, please.)
Though Ladurée may be the most famous name in the macaron biz, it's not the only shop to offer ice cream sandwiches made from the cookies. Milk, which has two ice cream shops in Los Angeles, also offers the treat, as do many other independent shops. Ladurée may not be reinventing the wheel (or, rather, the ice cream sandwich), but the shop is expanding the way it uses its iconic treat — and I, for one, am so down to snatch one up.

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