These Are The BEST Macaron Recipes On Pinterest

If you're crazy about macarons and have dreams of running away to become a French pastry chef — we feel you. The Parisian delicacy is just so damn lovely, light, and unbelievably Instagrammable. Plus, it makes us feel like Marie Antoinette herself. But, if you don't happen to be French royalty and are looking to save a few bucks while feeding your macaron habit, making your own from scratch is an affordable and fairly easy solution (once you get the hang of it). All you’ll need is eggs, sugar, ground almonds, food coloring, and voilà — the homemade macarons of your dreams.
We asked Pinterest to pull together the top macaron recipes for your baking pleasure. Check them out below and get ready to semi-effortlessly whip up and customize a batch of your own.
These beauties are flavored with freshly grated lemon zest. 2. Passionfruit Macarons
Passionfruit puree is folded into this buttercream filling for a subtle fruit flavor. 3. Samoas Macarons
Girl Scout cookies meet macarons — what could be better? 4. Cake Batter Macarons
Forget the birthday cake and pile up a stack of these cake batter macarons instead. 5. Vanilla Bean Macarons
Simplicity is key with real vanilla-bean-flavored macarons. 6. Matcha-Raspberry Macarons
Matcha filling sandwiched between raspberry cookies? Yes, please. 7. Oreo Macarons
What are Oreos really, if not less-fancy macarons? 8. Toasted Marshmallow Macarons
Real mini marshmallows are used in the making of these cookies. 9. S'mores Macarons
The Parisian take on our American campfire classic. 10. Lavender-Honey Macarons
Lavender and honey are a deliciously dreamy combo.

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