Bachelor Alum Vienna Girardi Is In For Double The Trouble & Cuteness: She's Pregnant With Twins!

Sometimes, life throws the most unexpected, yet beautiful, surprises your way. That was the case for The Bachelor's former Season 14 contestant Vienna Girardi, who recently learned she was about to have identical twin girls.
Though many people might be stunned to hear the news, the mommy-to-be told Us Weekly in an interview that she always "thought there was a good chance" she'd have twins. Especially since there are five sets in her family!
"Truth be told, and this is crazy, but I've always wanted twins," she told Us Weekly. "Finding out that I was having them was one of the most amazing moments of my life. They'll have a built-in bestie for life."
In late July, Girardi teased that she'd be revealing the gender of her little ones in an adorable Instagram post captioned: "Baking for my Gender Reveal. Can't wait to find out if I'm having little girls or little boys."

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When asked if she was secretly hoping for boys or girls, the architectural and engineering recruiter told Us that while she wanted girls, she initially thought she was going to have boys until she invested time in nursery décor.
"I put pictures side by side and I looked at them and realized I picked out seven girl nurseries," she said. "It was psychological."
Girardi said she's having a lot of fun with her pregnancy, from picking out baby names to swooping up all of the motherhood advice she can get, but she did admit there is one thing she can't do: hit the gym like she used to do. The former reality star said that while she can do prenatal yoga, she's had to adjust her lifestyle since she has a high-risk pregnancy.
"The twins are monochrorionic diamniotic," she explained to Us Weekly. "They share a placenta, which means they also share nutrients. One baby can potentially take more from the other, so I have monitoring every two weeks. The moment doctors see one growing bigger, there's a surgery they can do."
For now, Girardi said she's happy, healthy, and craving all the peaches and pickled eggs the world has to offer.

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