Did YouTube's Manny MUA Just Find His New Calling?

We already know that YouTube's Manny MUA is unstoppable with a makeup brush in his hand— he's one of our favorite boundary-breaking beauty vloggers, after all — but what would happen if we traded his favorite contour brush for something a little less glamorous? Leave it to R29 staffer Lucie Fink to find out.
You've probably already seen Manny's wide range of inspiring content on his YouTube channel, where he touches on everything from drugstore product tests to summer makeup tricks, but this video isn't like the rest. Fink put him to a different kind of artistic test at 2017's VidCon by swapping his envy-inducing palette collection for a few dry erase markers and a whiteboard. Yes, you read that correctly: dry erase markers and a whiteboard. Oh, did we mention we also blindfolded him? Turns out, he roles with the punches and never takes himself too seriously — even if his blindfolded drawing is a little less precise than his winged liner.
Check out the video above to watch it all go down.

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