The Juicy New Teen Wolf Final Season Trailer, Explained

Photo: Courtesy of MTV.
The end is officially nigh for Teen Wolf. Sunday night, the MTV blockbuster kicked off finale season 6B, which will run for just 10 episodes. The premiere episode, "Said The Spider To The Fly," has all the great Teen Wolf hallmarks, including werewolf lacrosse games, EDM-tuned supernatural battles in dark high-school hallways, and awkward Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) moments. Thankfully, the episode also gave us a sneak peak at what's the come for season 6B.
The post-premiere "Supertease Trailer," revealed the end won't be easy for Scott McCall's pack, since it's filled with blood, screaming, and reminders our favorite characters probably won't make it out alive. Sadly, all of that happens in less than a minute-and-a-half, so the clip is basically a dimly-light information overload.
To get to bottom of what we're actually seeing in the video, we investigated the entire teaser trailer down to the quickest blink-and-you'll miss it frames. Scroll through the gallery to get the details on all the biggest spoilers hiding in the video. Then, pray to the nearest werejaguar god that Scott (Tyler Posey) and his pack survive.
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