Halle Berry On Why Being A Mother With A Career Means Always Living With Guilt

Photo: Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images.
Celebrity moms look like they have it all together: they've got their blockbuster movie coming out, and the kids are always dressed in the cutest outfits; the Instagram photos get thousands of likes. But the truth is, they struggle just as much as regular moms.
A work and family life balance is an elusive achievement, but Halle Berry thinks she has it figured out. The secret? Accept that it's impossible.
“You don’t ever balance it completely,” she told People Magazine. “It’s a constant struggle of a little more time there, a little more time here, and feeling a little bit guilty all the time.”
The 50-year-old Oscar winner has two kids. Her daughter, Nahla, is 9 and her son, Maceo-Robert, is just 3. Despite feeling sad about not being able to have it all, Berry recognizes that she's doing all that she can. Juggling two kids, one of which is still a toddler, is hard enough. She's also been filming movies like Kidnap, where she goes full mama bear to get back her kidnapped son. Something tells me it's not far from what Berry would actually do for her children.
Despite feeling that constant guilt, Berry stresses the importance of not letting it get to you. With a schedule like hers, there isn't much time for worrying.
“I just keep telling all my mom friends who work that it’s ok to give ourselves a little slack sometime and not let the guilt sit on us so heavily and know that we are doing the best we can,” she offered.
Besides, there's no point in feeling guilty when there are cute kids to play with. And whether or not mom is on a movie set or at her desk job, those kids will always have love to share.
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