Jensen Ackles Doesn't Think Sam Should Make It To The Supernatural Series Finale

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Supernatural's last season finale left fans hanging on a slew of different fronts — Lucifer's newborn baby, a mom stuck in a different dimension, and a certain predicament involving an angel — but they can breathe easy knowing that there's a 13th season on the way.
However, with a dozen already in the rear view, stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are definitely thinking about how the show would end if they had any say. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Ackles explained that the show's ending came to him in a dream and, unfortunately for members of Team Sam, only one Winchester makes it out alive. That leaves Dean as the only one to make it to the end.
Longtime viewers will note that Sam has survived torture by the devil, the apocalypse itself, and a recent run-in with a rogue British faction of hunters, so if something's going to take him down, it better be good. Ackles doesn't explain exactly what kills his brother, but he did flesh out the scene with plenty of vivid imagery.
"It's just one scene. Think: Middle America, Big Sky country. It's just wheat fields as far as the eye can see, and there's an intersection, a crossroads, oddly enough. I drive up in the Impala and I park in the middle of the intersection. There's nobody for miles. I get out of the car and I look in the distance — and it's like Lawrence of Arabia when Omar Sharif was running up with the camel— I just see this thing coming in the distance, and it gets closer and closer and closer and closer. It's a guy on a motorbike. And we never really see his face," Ackles told EW. "He's got a helmet on. But he walks up and I give him a nod, and I take a walk around the Impala very slowly and I walk back over to him and I hand the keys to him. And he takes off his helmet — we don't see who it is — he hands the helmet to me and hands me the keys to the bike. From his back, he gets in the car and I watch the Impala drive off. And then I turn and I look at the bike that's got one seat. And I put the helmet on, start the bike, [give] one last look to the Impala, it's now gone, and I take off. Because I don't need the extra seat anymore."
It's pretty well thought-out, but it's a bleak way to end a show that's all about brotherhood, keeping the family business alive, and shooting monsters with a sawed-off shotgun. But rest easy, fans: Just because Ackles dreamt it up doesn't mean that it'll materialize on the actual show. The sentiment may still be there, but having only one Winchester make it to the finish line seems pretty harsh for a show that manages to blend drama, comedy, and vampires.
For now, fans don't have to fear any sort of ending. Supernatural is coming back this fall and a spin-off, Wayward Sisters, is on the way, too.
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