Taco Bell Is Launching A "Potatorito" — & We Can't Look Away

Photo: Courtesy of Taco Bell.
We would be lying if we said that Taco Bell's newest menu addition caught us totally by surprise. TB has launched a steady onslaught of creative menu additions our way over the past few years. We've seen everything spanning from the expansion of cantina locations across the country (beachside included) to an official Taco Bell wedding venue, and the creation of breakfast salsa and naked chicken chips. To top ALL of that off, the big Bell still hasn't lost any steam for adding new and wacky items to its menu. Its most recent launch is here to prove it. What exactly is it?! Drumroll, please. Taco Bell just unveiled something called a Beefy Potatorito and it costs exactly one dollar.
Let's break down what's wrapped up here. According to a post by Brand Eating, the Beefy Potatorito contains seasoned beef, shredded cheddar cheese, nacho cheese sauce, crispy potatoes, and chipotle sauce wrapped up in a flour tortilla. Essentially, it sounds like a loaded baked potato had a love child with a burrito — and honestly, we are kind of into it. (Maybe we'll be so bold as to dunk it in some of that mysterious breakfast salsa.) Plus, the potatoes at Taco Bell are already a well-known as a hack for making items vegetarian so we're glad they're getting some extra menu love.
Unfortunately, the Beefy Potatorito won't be sticking around forever. Taco Bell's recent rollout will only have a limited-time run on the menu. So we'll need to dash out to one of the the fast food Mexican mega chain's locations and grab one, or two (one for each hand?) to try ASAP. Even though a new quirky debut from Taco Bell might feel expected at this point, we're always secretly excited to see what the chain will think up next.

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