The Internet Is Confused By Taco Bell's New Breakfast Salsa

Photo: Courtesy of Taco Bell.
Taco Bell is known for several viral menu mash-ups, but no one can argue that one of its most-beloved cult-fave items is the hot sauce line. Even people who aren’t usually hot sauce lovers can find an added flavor kick from the chain's mild sauce. The company is known to have a different sauce packet for every palate, and it just added one more. The newest addition to the Taco Bell hot sauce family is called Breakfast Salsa, and as the name suggests, its purpose is oddly specific.
According to Taco Bell, the salsa was specifically created to be enjoyed on its various breakfast menu items like the AM Crunchwrap or Grande Scramble. The new Breakfast Salsa, which is already available at T-Bell locations nationwide comes in a bright yellow packet and is a bit less spicy than the chain’s other sauces.
Seeing as we've tried even Taco Bell’s wackiest creations — including the Naked Chicken Chalupa’s — we're trying our best to be open-minded about the new salsa, and we really don’t have any doubts that it probably tastes good. We’re just a tad confused about what makes Breakfast Salsa different from plain old salsa, and we’re not the only ones.
A press release attempted to explain, saying, "Taco Bell’s new breakfast salsa packs just enough heat to complement the breakfast flavors you love, without being overwhelmingly hot." But, wouldn't it make more sense to have extra hot salsa first thing in the morning because it might do more to wake you up? We're just thinking out loud here. Though Taco Bell's explanation seems to have satisfied most Twitter users' confusion on the matter, and now everyone has just gone back to wondering when the fast food chain is bringing back the Verde Salsa.

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