People Have NO Idea That This Gorgeous Beachside Restaurant Is A Taco Bell

Taco Bell fans know that when someone suggests a trip to Taco Bell, they never need convincing. Simply utter the word Crunchwrap, and they'll have the car engine started and Google maps showing the nearest TBell location. Truly that is all it takes, so no fancy features needed to lure them in. However, one very special Taco Bell location in Pacifica, California was recently brought to our attention by Business Insider, and the unique and beautiful beachside building has drawn us in big time. Take a look, and you'll see why.

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Upon first glance, you would never believe that the warn-wood bungalow is a running Taco Bell. For one, it sits right one the shore of Pacifica State Beach, and looks closer to a place where you might rent surfboards or if we're really dreaming big, a home you might retire to. The beachside beauty has a wraparound porch where customers can sit and admire the ocean view while they enjoy their Chalupa Supremes and Doritos Locos Tacos.

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Unlike most Taco Bell locations, this one doesn't have a drive-through window. Instead, there's a window on the porch that laid-back beach bums can walk up to after catching a few waves or laying under the sun. There's even a sign next to the window that says, "Customers with sandy feet place order at the window."
If you've thoroughly washed your feet, you're welcome eat inside, which also looks quite nice. It's hard to say if the decor is actually more elegant than a regular Taco Bell or if it just looks prettier because it's bathed in light from a California beach sunset, but either way, we'd like to eat here.
Who knows, maybe the knowledge that there's a Taco Bell location out there that serves all those fave menu items and is on a gorgeous beach is enough to make TB lovers fly to California. But, if for some reason, you need more convincing, there are plenty of other attractions in Pacifica.

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