Taco Bell's Latest Bizarre Culinary Innovation Must Be Tasted To Be Believed

When was the last time you had nachos, and the nachos were also made out of chicken and came with cheese for dipping? If the answer is “Only in my dreams, get out of my head,” we have some good news.
Taco Bell is once again releasing a dish that can best be described as “not so much Tex-Mex as it is something that happens when Tex-Mex food takes a violent left turn towards kooky and somehow ends up in the sublime.” In other words, meet Naked Chicken Chips.
Basically nuggets, they’re made from the exact same chicken as the short-lived, much missed Naked Chicken Chalupa. Served in 6-piece or 12-piece configurations, they’re available nationwide starting May 11. But, we got the coveted chance to try them a day early.
So how does a spicy chicken chip kind-of-nugget taste? Good. And how does it taste dipped in liquid cheese? Even better. Like its chalupa predecessor, the Naked Chicken Chips have a bit of heat to them, making the mild cheese a good addition. However, if you really like kicking up the heat, adding some Taco Bell hot sauce of your choosing is never a bad idea.
While there are no shortage of nuggets on the market, we can safely say this one stands in it’s own class. Not only is it the only triangular one we're aware of, but it’s also one of the few we’ve ever had that is spicy. Texturally, it reminds us of those chicken sandwiches from elementary school that were basically giant nuggets themselves.
If you’re concerned about a "chip"-based meal, Taco Bell will also be offering the Naked Chicken Chips in a Crunchwrap. That means the same layered goodness with Naked Chicken Chips also wrapped up in there. As the kids are saying these days, your fave nugget could never.
Now that the Naked Chicken concept has been taken to the chips, we only have to wonder what the next frontier is: Naked Chicken quesadillas? Cinnamon Twists? We're pretty sure the options are endless.

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