We Ranked Chicken Nuggets From Popular Fast Food Chains & Here's The Crispy Winner

In our previous edition of Ranked & Rated we journeyed through fast food French fry land in order to discover the golden winner. So now, what's next? Maybe you've already gleaned it from the title of this article, but we're taking on nuggets. Because nothing says nostalgia like a good drive-thu, kid's menu, six-piece order of crispy chicken nuggs.
Before I ever dared to take one bite of a plain hamburger with ketchup (I was a truly tepid taster in my youth), my fast food go-to was always nuggets. After all, there was some sort of chicken component to those fried little clumps of soft but slightly chewy grease; They were like little spongy pockets of fried protein. And I loved them.
As with fries, my fondest remembrance of the delectable little nuggs rested classically at Mickey D's — but since my last ingestion of a six-piece order had been over a literal decade ago, I wasn't entirely sure if my memory was serving me right. I'd more recently graduated to the likes of Chick-fil-A chicken, and needed to figure out what the other fast food players were up to on the nugget front. Could McDonald's still reign supreme? Does Burger King just need to stop trying at this point? And should Wendy's be given a solid seat at the table? Read on to find out this and more as we munch and dunk our way through six chains.

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