How This One Prophecy Will Determine Cersei's Fate This Season

Things aren't looking up for Cersei Lannister. A White Walker army is descending from the North. Daenerys Targaryen and her dragons are roaring from the East. And as Jaime pointed out during the Season 7 premiere, most of Westeros has turned against King's Landing.
That her grip on the Iron Throne is crumbling shouldn't come as much of a surprise to Cersei. When she was a girl, the newly self-appointed queen received an eerily spot-on prophecy from a fortune teller named Maggy. As a teenager with no knowledge of what was to come, Maggy's cryptic statements detailing Cersei's demise must have been infuriating. As a woman who's lived through the events Maggy forteold, the prophecy must seem even more terrifying — especially since not all of its aspects have happened yet.
Now that the events of Game of Thrones have unfolded, we can recognize just how spot-on Maggy's prophecy was. But unfortunately for Cersei, a few gruesome surprises still lie in wait.
Let's break down what events have already occurred, and which are still to come for Queen Cersei — who might not be queen for long.
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