This Chinese Restaurant Serves Up Spring Rolls & Sheet Masks — & It's Brilliant

Photographed by Alexandra Gavillet.
Lo mein, egg rolls, fried rice — what's not to love about Chinese restaurants? Well, if you happen to douse soy sauce onto the grub, as we Americans so often do, then you probably already know the answer: waking up the next morning to a face so puffy, you resemble a blowfish. (Julianne Moore once described the phenom to The Cut as "sushi face," but we think sodium hangovers span across multiple cuisines.)
Turns out, there's one Montreal restaurant named Chez Maxim Oriental that's taking care of that for you — by sending you home with skin-care products in addition to your sweet and sour pork. Wait, say what!?
That's right: In the same way Olive Garden slips a chocolate mint with your receipt, Chez Maxim leaves behind the traditional fortune cookies and some sheet masks. One Redditor posted photographic evidence to the Skincare Addiction page, saying, "I used the Olive one after I got back. I spot tested and didn't feel irritation after 10 minutes so I wore the mask. Made my skin really nice this morning!" Gives new meaning to special treatment, right?
The restaurant confirmed that they do, in fact, hand out product to customers. But if you were wondering how this amazing practice started, well, you can thank your mom for that. "We started this on Mother's Day one year as gifts to all the female customers," Susan, an employee at Chez Maxim, tells us. "Instead of gifting them with the usual flowers, we thought it'd be nice to give something that's practical and usable. They come in individual packages — easy to carry and use. The face masks became so popular that even after the event, we had customers asking for them and offering to buy them, that we decided to make this an ongoing gift as a sign of gratitude. This way, meals provide nutrients for the inside, and face masks make them feel good on the outside — like we are providing care inside and out."
So, while you may not fall into the wealth your fortune cookie promises, one thing is for sure: Good skin is in your near future.
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