Ansel Elgort Needs To Be Careful Around Those Koalas

The last thing Ansel Elgort needs on his Baby Driver press tour is to contract a disease or infection, but his latest Instagram posts have us worried. The 23-year-old, who is currently in Australia, posted two pictures of himself posing with a koala — in one he's even getting a kiss! — which would be adorable had Armie Hammer not warned us about koalas, and how they can spread chlamydia, just last year. Ansel, I beg you, step away from the marsupial!
Before we get into specifics, here are some of the (admittedly adorable) photos the movie star posted:

Koala konvo ???

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"Koala konvo," he captioned the first picture, which shows the two creatures staring into each other's eyes.

?❤️?❤️???? OMFG KOALA KISS!!!

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"OMFG KOALA KISS!!!" he added under the second.
First thing's first, STIs are nothing to be ashamed of, and chlamydia is easily treatable as long as you get tested and find out that you have it. But you definitely shouldn't put yourself in the way of it if it can be avoided, and as unbelievable as it sounds, koalas can carry chlamydia — it's an epidemic threatening the koala population in Australia. They can also pass a particular strain of it, C. pneumoniae, to humans, so, you know... be careful, Elgort.
Hammer warned us of as much last August.
"The moment right before you catch chlamydia from a koala..." he captioned the snap. "Special thanks to @seljam81 and @clelandwildlifepark for letting us hold and play with Koalas, kangaroos, and everything else! Follow @clelandwildlifepark for the cutest animal updates in the world!"
Luckily, he was joking, because the only way you can actually contract chlamydia from a koala is if they urinate on you. That's not something Elgort posted a picture of, so we're pretty sure he's in the clear.

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