What Happened When This Guy Responded To His Tinder Match A Year Later

Update: Michelle and Josh are finally going to meet, and their first date will be in Maui, thanks to Tinder. When the dating site caught word of Michelle and Josh's long running joke, it decided to help these to finally meet up IRL.
Michelle and Josh decided that their dream first date would happen in Hawaii, so Maui it is. Tinder just has once rule: "You can't take two years to pack your bags."
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Typically, when your Tinder match doesn't respond for a few days, weeks, or months, you accept that you're getting ghosted and move on. But sometimes, ghosts return to the land of living.
That's what happened with Josh and Michelle, two Tinder users who have been messaging for three years, Mashable reports. Every time one of them fell off the face of the Earth, they came back several months later to reveal that they honestly were just busy.
It all started when, shortly after matching, Josh sent a friendly "hey Michelle" message, which was met with silence for two months. Then, she surprised him with "hey sorry my phone died!"
"Wow you found that pretty fast," he joked. "It usually takes me about five months to find my charger." She explained that she "just wanted to make sure it was fully charged, 0 to 100 real slow." And with that, we're already feeling this couple. They clearly both have a great sense of humor.
Two more months went by before Josh reassured Michelle that he was just in the shower. Then, she was in class, he was busy with finals and midterms, and she was "swamped" because of President's Day.
Josh tweeted a screenshot of the endless conversation, and over 1,000 people have liked it.
By some miracle, someone who knows Michelle saw Josh's tweet and tagged her. Then their witty banter moved over to Twitter. "Sorry I'd reply but I need to give it a few months!" she wrote.
"It has always just been a funny joke that he and I were responding slowly, so I think I was just going to let it play out as long I could!" Michelle told Refinery29. Still, the joke won't drag on forever: This impressively non-committal will have the chance to meet very soon.
After the tweet went viral, Tinder contacted Josh and Michelle and offered to take them on a date to the city of their choice, Josh told Refinery29. "This has made for very easy conversation, because we are both on cloud nine taking it all in," he said. "I still don't know if this will turn out to be a fairytale ending, or simply just fade out to be a distant amazing memory." What he's taken away from this so far, though, is that it pays off to be "silly and outlandish." Michelle agrees: "Tinder does not have to be serious all the time."
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