A Police Officer Accepted A Proposal From Her Girlfriend At The London Pride Parade

At London Pride this weekend, people gathered to celebrate all forms of love. But one couple was also celebrating their own love, as videos and photos captured in a Twitter moment show a police officer accepting a marriage proposal.
The couple doesn't want to be named publicly, according to the BBC, but we do know they cohabitate in London and have been dating for five years. The video shows them hugging before one woman gets down on one knee and proposes to the other, and then they hug again. All the while, the British Transport Police officer is carrying a rainbow flag.
London Pride has been going on for 45 years now, and this year's was the most well-attended in history, according to The Evening Standard, as more than 26,000 people showed up. The parade also celebrated the 50-year anniversary of homosexuality becoming legal in the U.K.
Prime Minister Theresa May released a statement about Pride reading, "Around the world, cruel and discriminatory laws still exist — some of them directly based on the very laws which were repealed in this country 50 years ago. So the UK has a responsibility to stand up for our values and to promote the rights of LGBT Plus people internationally."
The theme was "Love Happens Here," and this video embodies that spirit.
Last year, two gay police officers also got engaged to their significant others at London Pride, according to Pink News. Back then as well, one of the clips went viral. Phil Adlem, the police officer in it, wrote an essay for The Guardian about the hatred he experienced afterward — which shows how necessary pride still is, he explained.
"Pride is an invaluable source of positivity and strength for anyone who has experienced abuse or bullying," he wrote. "It has evolved far from its roots as a militant protest, and with the support of the media and corporate heavyweights, it is incredibly difficult to ignore."

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