This Story Is Proof That You Can Find Love On Twitter, Of All Places

Photographed by Megan Madden.
This time of year might find you scrambling for a wedding date. You've gotta RSVP by July 10, you'd like a plus-one to dance and maybe more with, but you're single AF. And you can't just tell your friend you're bringing "insert warm body here."
Llia Apostolou is a woman who withstood all the odds. Not only did she find a wedding date in 15 minutes — on Twitter, no less, a medium on which we can barely find coherent thoughts sometimes — but he later became her husband.
Mashable reports that the story started with a tweet:
It didn't take very long for a guy named Phil Gibson to respond to Apostolou.
Rarely does an internet meet-cute like this actually end in love. But reader, she married him.
The twist: She had joked about it years earlier!
Another twist: They didn't even go to the original wedding together! But they did meet for the first time that week.
The couple continues to chronicle their modern love story on — where else — Twitter.
Moral of the story: You can find love in a hopeless place.

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