Wait, Has Prince Harry Ever Seen An Episode Of Suits?

Photo: Ian Watson/USA Network.
Suits is coming back! While I would never usually rejoice at such a thing — does anyone still actually watch Suits? — this year it's an especially relevant piece of pop culture news.
Why? Because Suits stars Meghan Markle, the actress currently dating one Prince Harry Windsor, which means that a potential future royal princess will be appearing weekly on a small screen near you.
But even more importantly, it means that Prince Harry can resume his Suits ritual — because, he must watch, right?
I don't have any official confirmation of this fact. I reached out to the official royal family press office to find out, but strangely enough, it didn't seem to warrant their immediate attention. But still, I know in my heart that Prince Harry sits down every week to watch a bunch of lawyers talk about their apparel, with tangential references to cases. After all, he claims he's just like us!
The real question here is — how does he do it? He has a very busy royal schedule, so I doubt he watches live. I like to imagine that he hoards a couple of episodes at a time, to make a night of it. You can't rush a good thing. He probably gets home from whatever event he blessed with his presence that day, spirits buoyed from shaking all those grateful hands. But he's tired — so tired. So, he pours himself a Scotch (he drinks Scotch), and changes into his navy blue monogrammed silk pajamas. He's usually a boxers and T-shirt guy, but this is a special occasion. Then, he carefully spoons some Ben & Jerry's Half Baked into an extremely fancy bone china bowl, and busts out the good silver spoons — I say spoons, plural, because Harry isn't alone.
Meghan doesn't like to watch herself on TV, so he needs another partner. Usually it's little George, because he's the only one in the family who doesn't judge. If he's lucky, Charlotte will grace them with her presence, but that's a rare treat. She has places to be.
Obviously, his favorite character is Rachel Zane; at least in public. But you know he's a secret Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) stan. It's that intense confidence — such a turn on. (George likes Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres) — he's very pro fierce lady boss.)
Season 7 of the show promises some Suits staples: heavy on the banter, lots of drama, and major Mike/Rachel flirting. Let's hope Harry isn't the jealous type. Luckily, he has his custom wolfskin blanket, which Prince Phillip hunted and skinned himself, to keep him warm in her absence.
The most essential element of the evening, however, is his phone, which he keeps close to his heart. You know he texts her right after each episode. He's nice like that.

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