Forget Cocktails — If You're Not Making Poptails This Summer, You Should Be

Illustrated by Esme Lonsdale.
There's no denying that colorful popsicles and ice-cold cocktails in frosty glasses are summer staples. So when combining the two starting becoming trendy we were majorly onboard. A classic cocktail in refreshing and un-spill-able pop form — what could such a whimsical creation be called? Why a poptail, of course.
Picture your ideal warm weather evening, sitting out in the setting summer sun — only instead of a cold cocktail in hand, you've got the boozy pop version. A perfectly portable, lickable, AND Instagrammable poptail. And if you're currently not a poptailing whiz, we've got a few tasty ideas ahead to get you started. Scroll on for three effortless and delicious boozy pop versions of your favorite summer sips from Kathy Kordalis' The Poptail Manual.

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