Be Still, Our Hearts! Ryan Gosling Has A European Doppelgänger

Hey girl, we hope you're sitting down, because Internet sleuths have made a discovery that will rock your world.
It's common knowledge that the world is simply not worthy of Ryan Gosling. Whether it's his classic reaction to the La La Land Best Picture flub, the fact that he took his sister to the Oscars, or the wealth of memes he's spawned, Gosling is the gift that keeps on giving.
Now, it's been confirmed that Gosling has a European doppelgänger and our hearts can't take it. The long-lost twin in question is named Johannes Laschet and he's a menswear blogger based in Aachen, Germany. The son of a prominent politician, he has over 30,000 followers on Instagram.
Just how uncanny is the resemblance between Gosling and Laschet? You be the judge.
In addition to being a dead ringer for Gosling, Laschet is just as dapper as his long-lost twin.
There's no word on whether Laschet, a law student, shares Gosling's ability to casually break up street fights and rescue puppies in danger, but we're already smitten.
Keep Instagramming, please.
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