This Millennial Pink Pasta Dish Takes The Rosé Trend To A New Level

Rosé has long been an iconic summer drink, but chef Grant Melton is taking the rosé trend to the next level by recognizing its potential as an ingredient in food. He recently shared a recipe for a rosé alfredo dish, Bustle reports, and it sounds perfect for any outdoor dinner party.
The ingredients are pretty simple: You just need pasta, butter, shallots, garlic, tomato paste, parmesan, parsley, salt, pepper, and — this is where the fun comes in — a cup of rosé. In case you were wondering, it gets mixed in with the sauce soon before you add the pasta. "After a few tries, you probably won't even need a recipe for this quick pasta supper," Melton writes, which is the best news ever for those of us who can never seem to get the ratios right. It sounds pretty difficult to mess this one up (unless drinking your ingredients counts as messing up).
If you want to create an entire meal around this theme, you might consider rosé popsicles for dessert. The popsicle brand FrutaPop has partnered with Rosé Season, an "advocate and promoter for the 'rosé lifestyle,'" to give us a wine-flavored "poptail." Then again, there's also Sonoma Rosé ice cream, a creation of the California ice cream shop Smitten Ice Cream (but it's also orderable through Goldbely). And if you want a twist on the classic rosé wine, Veuve Clicquot has released a rosé bubbly that was created to be served over ice.
As it turns out, there are probably enough dishes that incorporate rosé to fill a week's worth of dinner parties. Melton's also shared a recipe for rosé-macerated peaches with mozzarella — a super summery variation on the classic caprese salad — and rosé strawberry doughnuts, in case your guests stay for breakfast.
Maybe we should just put rosé in everything, because we can't think of anything that wouldn't benefit from a little Millennial pink splash.

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