Sean Spicer Was Schlub-Shamed As White House Press Secretary

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer resigned Friday morning after six months and one day representing President Trump before the press. He certainly didn't have an easy job (though, yes, he agreed to take it), and was constantly made fun of. People love mocking public figures, but Spicer was essentially shamed for being a schlub, in that his physical appearance was constantly critiqued.
This isn't to say Spicer was treated the same as female politicians, or other women in the spotlight, who get disapproving commentary on everything from their hair, to their voice, to their outfit. But the public and the White House were highly critical of Spicer's appearance from day one, to the point where his declining looks were blamed for frequent off-camera press briefings.
If anyone wants to critique Spicer's skills or ideologies, there's plenty to discuss beyond his appearance. For example, he mistakenly said chemical weapons weren't used in the Holocaust, responded to questions about Islamophobia by talking about terrorism, and falsely claimed Trump's inaugural crowd was bigger than Obama's.
There's no need for anyone to make fun of Spicer's looks. And for anyone pushing to end the way women's appearance is constantly judged, it's hypocritical.
So as we say goodbye to Spicer as press secretary, let's take a walk through the last six months of him being schlub-shamed.

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