We Put These Grown-Up Boozy Gummy Combos To The Test

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We're not sure exactly when or why, but somehow, Jell-O shots and the Fourth of July are inextricably linked. Maybe it's because vibrant blue and red Jell-O work so well with the color scheme, or maybe its just a fun way to mix things up when you're hanging around at a BBQ. But, even with a pre-made mix, Jell-O shots take some careful prep work. Which led us to think: this July 4, what if we went with boozy gummies instead?
In college, we (ahem) experimented with vodka gummies (and the pun-friendly rummy bears), and, just like spiked fruit punch served from a trash can and shoes dedicated to showers, it was something we left far behind us. But with the advent of classier alcohol-inspired candies like the rosé bears and tequila gummies from Sugarfina, we wondered if it was possible to elevate the concept in the same way that Jell-O shots have managed to go gourmet.
So, naturally, we bought a lot of gummies, raided our liquor cabinets, and got to mixing, with the hope of creating a fun Fourth drink that also happens to be a lot easier to make than Jell-O shots. Ahead, see what we discovered — and which fancy combos you, too, can use to impress your friends.
Note: We had the most success when we let the gummies sit overnight in the fridge, rather than at room temperature for a few hours. We also don't include quantities in the recipe since it really depends on how much you want: place the desired number of gummies in a bowl and cover, with a little extra (for gummy expansion) at the top.

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