Will Ferrell Is Spilling The Tea About The Mariah Carey Cameo In The House That Never Was

Photo: Roy Rochlin/FilmMagic.
Let's just go ahead and add Will Ferrell to the list of people Mariah Carey doesn't know. When Ferrell appeared on Watch What Happens Live! he was asked to tell the real story behind the Carey cameo in The House that never happened, but has become the stuff of legend at this point.
According to Ferrell, Carey was four hours late to set for the comedy about a couple, played by Ferrell and Amy Poehler, who run a casino out of their house to help pay for their daughter's college tuition. When Carey finally arrived she had some notes regarding the scene she was about to shoot. "One of her script notes was like, 'I don't want to do this scene,'" Ferrell said. "Even though it was totally approved ahead of time." Apparently, Carey has not heard of the compliment sandwich and just gets to the point.
Carey was supposed to sing one of her own songs in the movie, which one Ferrell couldn't remember, but at the last minute decided she wanted to sing something else. "Which is hard with clearance, and became quite the kerfuffle," Ferrell explained before changing his response to something a little more R-rated: "A.K.A. shitstorm."
Ferrell said that when it came to what she wanted in her trailer the most interesting request was lambs. "Stuffed lambs," he said. "For her Lambys." Sure, some people are going to say Carey's a "diva" for that, but honestly, she just gets good branding.
Unfortunately, though, those lambs were put out to pasture when the scene was cut. Ferrell doesn't remember when the crew realized this just wasn't in the cards, but does remember a knock on his trailer door around 11 p.m. letting him know he could go home.
Add all of this to the list of things that have already been said about Carey's scrapped cameo. Back in May, The House costar Rob Huebel said on EW's Sirius XM station that Carey wanted to be less herself, and more like Wonder Woman.
“They were going to do this bit where they shoot her, I think, and they kill her — in the movie. Not in real life. But she didn’t want that. She was like, ‘I don’t think my character would get killed by bullets. What if I deflected them like Wonder Woman?’" Huebel explained. "They were like, ‘Mariah, we don’t have time for [this]. You’re getting paid so much money. We have you for one day. We don’t have time to argue with you. Just do it.’ She just didn’t want to do what they wanted her to do."
Last week, another actor from The House, Cedric Yarbrough, called Carey out on Facebook in a now-deleted post for being “unprofessional” and “borderline abusive.” Yarbrough wrote that Carey requested a large fan for the set and refused to do a stunt by allegedly saying "Darling, I would never do it that way."
Oh, what could have been if Mariah got her way. Though, the film's director Andrew Jay Cohen told Reuters Carey's scene was filmed, so cross your fingers it will one day see the light of day.

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